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Why Seek the U.S. Senate nomination?


            The Libertarian Party is not politics as usual.


            The Libertarian Party is not the same old political parties promoted by the media.


            The Libertarian Party is as different from politics as usual and the same old parties as day is to night.


            Gail Lightfoot does not think she is any better than anyone else. It is only because she recognized the value of her name and occupation [retired RN, PHN] that she decided to run for partisan office and get more votes than the average Libertarian candidate. Proving her correct, her vote totals have been consistently higher than others with a great deal less effort.


Politics is about name recognition, name recognition, name recognition!


            Gail Lightfoot’s name has been in the public eye in California repeatedly since 1990 giving her statewide name recognition.  


1. Signed, as State Chair of the Libertarian Party of California in 1990 and 1996, more than half a dozen ballot arguments and the Libertarian party’s ballot description. She signed more ballot arguments as a partisan candidate in 2000.

2. Represented the Libertarian Party of California in Lightfoot Vs March Fong Eu, a lawsuit regarding nominating candidates by convention and caucus in 1990.

3. Testified for herself and the Libertarian Party of California in court for a lawsuit brought by four political Parties to overturn Prop 198, the Open Primary. Both the Appeals Court and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ruling against the Open primary. Every time this story ran in newspapers, Lightfoot’s name was mentioned.

4. Has been on the statewide ballot as a partisan candidate six times.

In addition Lightfoot has:

5. Managed partisan campaigns for office nine times.

6. Appeared on numerous radio and television interviews, forums, panels and given talks to students and the public over and over again since 1980, including just one month ago.

7. Hosts and Co-Produced a public access television program transmitted three times a week [with new episodes weekly] in her home county in California since Oct 2001. She is the face of the LP in SLO County, CA.  


Knowledge, experience and ability makes Lightfoot the best choice for U.S. Senate.