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Political Ploy  
By gail lightfoot  

Living with prop 14 – CA’s new Open, Voter Nominated, Top Two Primary  

They said the politicians in power will be checked by the Top Two Primary.  

They were wrong.  
You have fewer choices in June  
- because so few can qualify with paying a filing fee to be on the ballot –  
and only two [2] in Nov.  
This is good for politics, not for the voters or the people.  
It is especially good for the parties in power’s politics as usual.  
Instead of 6 candidates in Nov, you will have only two and those two could be from the same political party depending on the dominant party registration in each district.  
They will surely be from the two parties in power.  
The tall tale was that your choices are increased in the Primary.  
The truth is with only two candidates on the Nov General Election Ballot,  
in the end,  

your choices have been diminished not increased.

     Yep, voters will be able to cross over from one party to another in the Primary but in Nov, they will see just two candidates and those two may not be identified as belonging to a political party at all. Under Prop 14 candidates may choose not to have any political party label next to their name effectively denying such knowledge to the voters. After, all what difference does their political party make? Perhaps these candidates are only registered to vote with one political party or another – most likely the one with the greater number of voters in their district – because they want to get elected mare than they want to fashion our government after a particular political philosophy or to represent the voters who elect them to office.  
It is also very good for politics as usual because the politicians in power will have ensured that your choices in Nov will be two well funded, well known, mainstream media approved candidates. This ‘reform’ effectively denies voters the chance to elect anyone except candidates from the two parties who have brought America to its knees over the past several decades. Past election results confirm this over and over again.  
One journalist, Bob Cuddy, is quoted in an article on the Internet, ‘Only the Top Two candidates emerge from the primary? We all can see what that means –no minor parties. Adios, Green Party, Hasta la vista, Libertarians. It’s been nice knowing you, American [Independent] Party. See you in some alternate universe, Peace and Freedomers. Move along independents.” 
If you registered as an AIP, Green, Lib or P&F you care about your party’s candidates, agree with the ideology and prefer you and the other members of your party choose your party’s candidates. You neither want to choose the candidates for another party nor have another party’s members choose your party’s candidates. 
There will be no ‘Write-in’ candidates and will not allow any Independent candidate to file paperwork and be added to the ballot after the Primary.  
The ‘moderates will prevail’ fallacy is exactly that, a fallacy. There is no way to predict how voters will cast their ballots when they see two names. Some will not vote at all because they don’t like either one, casting a silent, uncounted vote for ‘None of the Above’.  

Who wants ‘moderates’?  
Moderates want them.  
Voters may or may not.  

The dissatisfaction being expressed in polls and at rallies is not fueled by ‘moderates’. It is fueled by Americans with strong views and opinions and deeply rooted beliefs.

Why do ‘moderates’ want more ‘moderates’?

They claim ‘moderates’ work harder and compromise more than the ideologues of either political party.

A moderate is someone without a strong ideology at all.  
They cannot compromise any more.  

       They already have done that as far as any loyalty to ideology or political party.  
This is not compromise based on debating the Pros and Cons of an issue and finding common ground before passing legislation you and I have to live with here at home. There is no debate between two like thinkers. There is no debate between those who have no ideology at all. It is simply a matter of thinking up things to saddle the rest of us with here at home while they remain insulated in their snug offices and the capital.  

More than ever money will determine the outcome of elections.  
Money buys media, bought media buys free media.  

            The stranglehold of the media over elections will be reinforced even more.
You cannot vote for anyone who cannot spend enough money to outpoll all but one other candidate.
            The final tall tale was the Top Two was part of a larger reform to ‘fix’ politics.
The truth is the first ‘fix’ – the new Redistricting Commission – has just – for 2012 created new districts in CA and we are not yet sure if the districts give an advantage to one party or the other.

Personally, I don’t trust any politician who says
‘this or that’ is bad for politics and good for the people.
Politicians don’t care what is good for the people.

They only care what is good for them and gov’t both of which have grown fat and sassy at our expense.
Liberty ,
Gail Lightfoot

Libertarian for US Senate, 201