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Politicians need to Kick the Habit  

What habit is that, you ask?
The habit of ‘Controlling Others instead of Themselves’.

The average politician believes that self-control or self discipline is virtually non existent.  
Without laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and the associated inspectors and enforcers there would be no order at all. The ensuing chaos would mean you and me [and they themselves] would not drive on the correct side of the street, wear a seat belt or helmet, empty our trash, have untainted food to buy, etc, etc, etc.

Could that be because they themselves have no self control or self discipline?

To ‘fix’ every perceived problem, they pass even more laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and the associated inspectors and enforcers.

Does it work?
Well, they have to keep on passing more laws, correct?
So it must not be working.

Let’s recognize that the individual is perfectly capable of making decisions without some one else helping them along with a law, ordinance, rule, regulation and the associated inspectors and enforcers.
Let’s learn things on our own and be responsible for ourselves.
Let’s not fear decriminalization of the mere possession of drugs.
Let’s allow individuals to make mistakes, learn from them and ‘fix’ whatever is wrong with their lives all by themselves.

Imagine Liberty !

Gail K Lightfoot
Libertarian for US Senate, 2016