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Gail K Lightfoot – Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate, 2016

Now, more than ever before, the partisan candidates need YOUR help.

        The new Open – Voter Nominated – Primary means gathering so many more signatures to qualify for the ballot without paying the Filing Fee that fewer candidates have bothered at all.

There is only one Statewide election in 2016 - U.S. Senate.

The Libertarian candidate for U. S. Senate will be the only way most California Voters know there are still some Libertarians left.
None of us are likely to appear on the Top Two General Election ballot unless Prop 14 is overturned in the Courts.
Meanwhile, YOU have a choice to make. Will YOU help me out now that I have paid the Filing Fee so that at least once in 2016 every voter will see the LP can still put a candidate who ‘prefers’ the LP on their ballot.
If there are no LP partisan candidates at all and when the DemReps betray the voters yet again – where will they turn?
Will there be NO LP candidates in 2012 or 2014 when the voters see that even the Tea Party and the Conservatives they elected in 2010 and now 2012 are more of the same with no real hope for the future.
The LP is a political party.
Political parties run candidates representing their political philosophy giving voters choices based on those philosophies.

Voters registered with a political party support the party’s candidates with funds to run a credible campaign. Every partisan candidate should have your – the LP Voter – financial support.

Without a statewide candidate this year, fewer will attempt to run later. We have dropped the ball for 2016 unless 100 candidates with money for filing fees gather 40 to 65 signatures in the next few days.
YOUR only option for 2012 right now today is to support me with personal contributions [Filing Fees are not reported to the FEC so this does not mean identifying any donor to anyone else] to cover what I have personally spent to represent the LPC in June 2016.

Please help!
No candidate should ever have to self fund their campaign.
I need to raise a total of $3,840.00 by March 9, 2016.
I have about 1/3 now.
Won’t YOU help me reach my goal?
Look for the PayPal Link to make a secure donation.

Liberty .  

Gail K Lightfoot
849 Mesa Drive
Arroyo Grande , CA 93420
805-709-1130 [cell]

 PS: Donors receive a Lady Liberty lapel pin and a choice of the LP Flag or Banner [3 sizes and styles] or other gift for helping keep the word Libertarian before the voters statewide. gkl