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Gail K Lightfoot
CA Libertarian for U.S. Senate, 2016
849 Mesa Drive
Arroyo Grande , CA 93420

(805)709-1130 [candidateís cell]

  U.S. Senators take an oath of office, just like anyone else, to
defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution.
As a U.S. Senator, I will take that oath very seriously.

I offer a sharp contrast to every other candidate for U.S. Senate.


            Every other candidate has one, two, three, four or more plans to use the power of the federal government. They tell you they will fix the same old problems the politicians and the parties in power have been trying to fix for years. They offer to pass more overlapping laws and spend more tax dollars.
     This is nothing new.

           It is nothing different.
                 It will not work any better now than it has up to now.

            For instance, simple possession is not a crime.

  Such laws are used to single out segments of society for harsh treatment while others are not disturbed. This is morally wrong. Possession laws create a black market in goods that would otherwise be sold in the open market and controlled by the forces of a free market.
           Get the federal government out of your personal life and off your body. You are grown up enough to make your own personal and moral decisions without asking the politicians in Washington . This is not to say some things are not wrong choices. It is to say each individual makes good or bad choices and gains or suffers for it. We donít need a nanny government.
           Take the Income Tax Ė Does anyone really want this power vested in the federal govít? Taxing our productivity is the best way to discourage us all from being productive.
           Get the federal government out of your paycheck. You can decide what best how to use your earnings to better your life and take care of your family without asking the politicians in Washington .
           Education is a big issue for politicians. It need not be at the federal level. There is no provision in the Constitution for a Dept of Education. Education is a local and parental issue.
           Get the federal government out of education. You and your family and the industry young people hope to work in know best what learning and/or training will allow you to support yourself in the future without asking Washington politicians.
           Tell the federal government to abide by the limits of the Constitution. Those limits are there to protect us from allowing the government to grow bigger and bigger.
           Say "We the People" can solve our own problem in our families and communities without any help from Washington politicians.
           You can send a message to every politician by voting Libertarian.
           You can send a message of hope for a return to liberty by voting Libertarian.

           Toss off the chains of other control and accept the freedom of self-control by voting Libertarian.
                                            Just say No to government handouts and government control.          

 Live free!